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Sound Resolution- the A Cappella Experience

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with the a cappella groups from many of the local universities, many of whom we still work with today.


Georgetown University- The Georgetown Chimes, Capitol G's, GraceNotes, Phantoms, and Superfood, Chamber Singers,  Saxatones

Tufts University - The Beelzebub's

Villanova University - The Haveners

Kings College London - The Kingsmen

William and Mary - The Gentlemen  of the College, Reveille, The Accidentals, The Stairwells

Johns Hopkins - All Nighters, Mental Notes, Octopodes, Adoremus, Vocal Chords

University of Maryland -  Generics, Treblemakers, Kol Sasoon, Decadence, Faux Paz

American University - Treble in Paradise

Fordham University - Ramblers

NYU - The N'Harmonics

Drexel University - 8 to the Bar, The Treblemakers

Princeton University - Old Nassoul

Duke University - The Pitchforks, Out of the Blue

UMBC - The Stilettos

U Penn - Off the Beat, Penn 6

Brown University - Jabberwocks